About QuickBase

Quickbase is an application development platform that unites business and

IT teams by enabling problem solvers of any technical background to work together to

safely, securely, and sustainably create an ecosystem of applications.


Quickbase helps businesses accelerate the continuous innovation of unique

processes by enabling citizen development at scale across one common platform.

Why QuickBase?

Key Features
  • Automate time-consuming manual processes

  • Centralized location of all information

  • Bridge and integrate independent systems

  • Massively scalable

  • Automate important reminders via email or fax

  • Fully secured storage of data

  • Customizable authorization levels by field or table

  • Summarize data automatically

  • Set permissions based on custom criteria

  • Easily manage data and assets

  • Encourage seamless collaboration

  • Improve reporting accuracy and efficiency

  • Potential grows along with your business

  • Never miss an important event or major change

  • Increased security

  • Share or protect data however you want

  • Inspire productivity through automations

  • Track and manage everything, from anywhere