Synctivate: Customized Quickbase Support

Some want to become astronauts, others President of the United States. Some want to be Major League Baseball pitchers. We’ve decided that we want to become the best Quickbase support team in the world. As far as we know, we are now the only company to prioritize the support of existing Quickbase apps and realms.

We’ve chosen this path for two reasons. One-- it’s what we’re good at. Two-- it's what we love!

Our team lead, Justin Lapier, worked in four different support units at Intuit. As Senior Enterprise Support Rep at Quickbase Inc., he trained a team dedicated to supporting some of Quickbase Inc.’s biggest customers. Our knowledge of best practices for I.T. support in general, along with our specialization in Quickbase, make us ready-made superstars for Quickbase support.

Frankly, support is also what we’re most passionate about. There’s a unique satisfaction in support, like being the relief pitcher in the 9th inning of game 7. It’s live. Everything’s on the line. We love the rush of delivering solutions with quick turnaround times, mitigating potential crises, and providing immediate results on the ground.

The support model can save a lot of money for Quickbase customers. Because we’re focused on support, we can accelerate our clients’ backlog, put out fires before they grow, and prevent the need to spend on further projects down the road. And the best part is the client doesn’t need to hire permanent staff to manage all of this.

Quickbase as a platform can take you anywhere you want to be, but what if you need extra special care? Our team has the chops and the passion to not only identify your Quickbase inefficiencies, but also fix them, so you can focus on what you do best.

We’re proud to fill this void in the Quickbase market and look forward to being your Quickbase support team. See you at the ballpark. We'll be in the bullpen!

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