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Streamlining Small Business Communication: Quickbase & Slack Integration

Small business streamlining their workflows and communication by utilizing the Quickbase and Slack integration.

Connecting your Quickbase application with Slack can be a great way to streamline communication across different platforms. We often see client’s using a chat tool such as Slack in addition to a project management tool or CRM to communicate across departments.

Quickbase Pipelines has a Slack Channel that allows users to connect their Quickbase Apps to their company’s Slack platform. The pipeline channel allows for certain activities in Quickbase to trigger different types of actions in Slack. For example, if you were to create a new Project Record in Quickbase and you wanted your team to be informed to discuss it, you could Create a new Channel for the project or Post a Message to an existing Channel.

Connecting Quickbase and Slack allows users to more quickly see information across different platforms while also limiting duplicated efforts. Workers are often leveraging chat apps most of the day and it’s a quick way for them to see updates and navigate to them quickly without having to access email or an app to check for changes.

Are you ready to enhance your small business communication across platforms? Try integrating Quickbase and Slack today and experience the tangible benefits for yourself!

More Info and specifics on Quickbase Slack Channel:

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