Quick Base + Shopify: A Love Story

Once upon a time there was a company that had many, many products to sell. It had so many products, in fact, that keeping the product inventory up-to-date was a gigantic spreadsheet-based headache. The company, wanting to capitalize on the sales reach only the internet could provide, created an online store to make its products available to customers all over the world.

But there was just one problem: the online store inventory had to be updated separately. This led to many errors. Products the company had in stock weren’t showing up in the online store. Customers were ordering products in the online store that the company didn’t currently have in the inventory. What was once a headache was turning into a nightmare!

Just when things looked like they couldn’t get any worse, a suave custom software development company named Synctivate swooped in on a white cloud with a bold solution ready at hand.

“Have no fear,” Synctivate said to the company. “Why not leverage the powerful relational database capabilities of Quick Base, the brand-building online store functionality of Shopify’s e-commerce platform, and then connect the two seamlessly with Synctivate’s own custom solution? With this power, your tragic inventory nightmare will come to an end.”

The company was elated and quickly consented. If Synctivate could make this plan a reality, all of the company’s troubles would be over!

Synctivate set about developing a Quick Base application that tracked the company’s products, finances, employees, and invoices and automated all of the processes the company had henceforth done manually. They then developed a fully functioning website with Shopify's e-commerce platform, complete with a glitzy online store. Lastly, Synctivate connected the two with custom programming to make sure that the inventory in the database exactly matched the inventory in the online store in real time.

“If you add a product to your Quick Base app, the product will automatically be added to your Shopify online store.”

“What if I add two products?” The company asked. “Or three?”

“You can add 10,501 products, edit 300 of them, and delete seven,” replied Synctivate. “Your online store will be updated accordingly.”

“It’s all I’ve ever wanted,” said the company.

Synctivate had one last trick up their sleeve.

“And if a customer places an order on your online store,” began Synctivate.

“I know,” the company interrupted. “The Quick Base inventory will be automatically reduced by one.”

“Not only will the Quick Base inventory be automatically reduced by one,” replied Synctivate, “The customer order in the online store will automatically generate a work order and invoice in your Quick Base app and the necessary team members will be notified so they can fulfill the order and complete the sale!”

“How can I ever thank you, Synctivate?” asked the company.

Synctivate mounted the white cloud and began flying off into the sunset.

“Just sell a lot of products,” replied Synctivate. “And make a lot of money.”

So the company, its product inventory, and slick online store lived happily ever after. (And the company made a lot of money!)