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How to Remedy 3 Common Obstacles with HVAC Field Service Software: Week Two

Welcome to Week Two of a three week series discussing 3 Common Obstacles HVAC Field Service Software platforms face, and how to remedy them with the help of Synctivate!

If you haven't read last weeks blog yet on Job/Work Order Management, you can find it right here.

Let's dive right into week two...

Obstacle No. 2 - Communication and Efficiency

In a standard work environment, the entire workforce might be under one roof or one phone call away. In the world of HVAC, your team is spread across your office and job site locations, complicating communications and information management.

Imagine this scenario... 💭

You have a team out in the field servicing a work order that involves installing multiple HVAC units at a large industrial warehouse.

Part of your standard practice of customer satisfaction is providing pictures of all new installations of these units directly to the customer at the time of install.

With a software solution that isn't in line with your best practices, your communication breakdown probably looks like this...

  1. Your techs out in the field take photos of each unit they installed.

  2. Your techs then text and/or email these photos over to their assigned field representative.

  3. Your field rep, however, is out to lunch with another customer and can't handle updating the work order right away.

  4. When your field rep finally gets back into the office, they have to perform the following tasks:

  5. Upload all job site photos to your internal system,

  6. Email all job site photos to your customers,

  7. Confirm with all parties that the installation of these HVAC units meets both the business's and client's standards.

  8. Job complete.

Sounds like a lot of steps that slow down your business's communication and efficiency, doesn't it?

With a software solution that is built to meet your best practices and business standards, your communication breakdown can look like this...

  1. Your techs out in the field take photos of each unit they installed.

  2. Your techs then upload all photos directly to their assigned work order in your system, via their mobile phone or tablet.

  3. Your field rep and customer are both immediately notified that the work order has been updated with job site photos, can subsequently review and approve or make edits, all before your tech even leaves the site.

Through the use of a strong software platform, your business's communication and efficiency can be drastically improved, affording you more time to handle more business.

Coming Next Week!!

Obstacle No. 3 - Dispatch and Route Planning

It is one thing to attempt to manage your jobs and work orders with outdated and finicky software, but it is an entirely different obstacle to attempt to plan out all of your team's daily routes for optimal efficiency and cost effectiveness....

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