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How to Remedy 3 Common Obstacles with HVAC Field Service Software: Week Three

Welcome to the third and final week of the three week series discussing 3 Common Obstacles HVAC Field Service Software platforms face, and how to remedy them with the help of Synctivate!

If you haven't read last weeks blog yet, you can find it right here!

Let's dive right in...

Obstacle No. 3 - Dispatch and Route Planning

Above: Custom route planning software, built by Synctivate. Users have the ability to schedule orders, re-route orders, view specific route details, and more.

It is one thing to attempt to manage your jobs and work orders with outdated and finicky software, but it is an entirely different obstacle to attempt to plan out all of your team's daily routes for optimal efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Is your business currently operating in any of the following ways?

  • You have to hire an additional scheduling team that is solely responsible for planning out daily job routes?

  • You rely on your field techs to choose their own routes based on their list of jobs for the day?

  • You often fall behind on jobs due to unforeseen circumstances and have to adjust all future routes to make up for it?

  • Your business's fuel costs always seem to far exceed the expectations of the original mileage estimates, decreasing your bottom line and profitability?

If you find yourself in any one of these situations, your business can benefit greatly from route planning software.

With route planning software, your team is given the ability to focus on the basics of job scheduling, and let your system take care of the rest!

What are the benefits of route planning software?

  • Route Efficiency: Your scheduling team picks out a group of jobs for the day, and your system plans out the most efficient route for your team members to follow that day.

  • Driver Satisfaction: Easy to follow routes take the stress of site to site planning off of the driver, allowing them to focus solely on jobs for the day.

  • Reduced Costs: By optimizing driver routes, each job site and fuel or materials stop is carefully planned. Optimizing these routes lowers fuel costs, reduces wear and tear on company vehicles, and increases your business's bottom line.

With these three common obstacles addressed, your business will be well on the way to improving operations and increasing its bottom line. If your business is currently struggling with work order management, communication, route planning or more; reach out to Synctivate today to begin building a solution that fits all of your business needs!

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